Joe Rebholz

Art Education:

Tucson Museum of Art School, Mentor Program, Simon Donovan, Mentor, 1998-1999.
Tucson Museum of Art School, Interpretive Drawing, Michael Cajero, Instructor, 1999.

Gallery Associations:

Raices Taller 222, Art Gallery and Workshop, Apr. 2001 - Present
Dinnerware Contemporary Arts Gallery. Jan. 2004 - Mar. 2005.
Central Arts Collective, Mar. 2000 - Oct. 2002.

Other Education and Experience:

B. S., M. A., Mathematics, University of Cincinnati.
Ph. D., Mathematics, UCLA,
Design and development of large scale computer and mathematical models.

Solo Exhibition:

Shane House Gallery, Tucson, AZ, Sep. 2007.

Group Exhibitions:

Raices Taller 222, Art Gallery and Workshop, Tucson, AZ, several times per year, Apr. 2001 - Present
Tucson Public Library, Feb. 2011.
Dinnerware Artspace, Tucson, AZ, May, Oct. 2007.
Tucson Jewish Community Center Art Gallery, Jul. 2005, Jul. 2006.
Dinnerware Contemporary Arts Gallery, Tucson, AZ, several, Jan. 2004 - Jun. 2005.
MOCA, Museum of Computer Art,, Oct. 2003 - Jan. 2004
Gallery 410, Tucson, AZ, Nov. 2002
De Grazia Little Gallery, Tucson, AZ, Oct. 2002, Oct. 2004.
The Drawing Studio, Tucson, AZ, Jul. 2002.
Hotel Congress, Tucson, AZ, Oct. 2001, June 2004.
Davis-Dominguez Gallery, Tucson, AZ, Jun. - Jul. 2001.
Pima Community College Art Gallery, Tucson, AZ, Mar. 2001.
Central Arts Collective, Tucson, AZ, several, Mar. 2000 - Oct. 2002.
St.Philip's in the Hills Murphey Gallery, Tucson, AZ, Oct. 2000.
Shemer Art Center and Museum, Phoenix, AZ, May, 2000, Oct. 2003.
Phantom Gallery, Tucon Arts District Partnership Offices, Mar. - Oct. 2000.
Phantom Gallery, La Placita, Tucson, AZ, Nov. 1999 - Jan. 2000.
Artlink, 3rd. Annual Juried Exhibition, Phoenix, AZ, November 1999.
Temple of Music and Art, Tucson, AZ, June 1999.


Arizona Daily Star newspaper, front page article by Aaron Mackey, Sep. 1, 2007.
Tucson Weekly newspaper, review by Margaret Regan, Sep. 13, 2007.


Cover art for the book "Right Wing Politics and Religion: The Unholy Alliance Exposed" by Henry Bechtold, Howling Dog Press, 2006.
Ten paintings and title page in the book "Cost of Freedom: The Anthology of Peace & Activism" edited by Michael Annis, Mike Palecek, and Whitney Trettien, Howling Dog Press, 20
NO MORE WAR MEMES, Available here and through, on Kindle and iPhone.

Mission Statement:

I want to understand how the world works. The world seems to be somewhat orderly and predictable. But it is also random, chaotic, surprising, mysterious, and unpredictable. I want to show these things in my paintings. Most of my paintings are non-objective and have no specific message. Some make social or political comments. Since 2001 I have made only digital paintings. This allows great freedom and many possibilities of expression.