Joe Rebholz Political Paintings and Other Art

Iraq Memorial # 3

RIP 45

Iraq Memorial II

Iraq Memorial

Massacre of the Innocents (after Giotto)

Hard Assed Abstraction (after Donatello and Newman)

Readymade Mashup (after Donatello, Newman and Duchamp)

Performance Art (after Donatello, Newman, Duchamp and ...)

Christian Nation

US Department of Religion

... fool or monster ...

So Who's War Is It?

Please, Take Our Sons, Our Daughters Too

Three Crusaders Unholy Alliance


Four Myths

Cost of War


All Dead, Gone Forever, Killed in Iraq

Darkness Falls, Killed in Iraq

Fading Away, Killed in Iraq

Twelve, Killed in Iraq

One, Killed in Iraq

Design Your Daughter

Reductionism Pol II

Wake Up

No Males Needed

Liberty Limited

Cloned Mouse

Cloned Pig

Cloned Marilyn