Reductionism: RNA Polymerase II
24 in X 32 in.(any, same ratio)
Digital painting.
Reductionism is the philosophy that everything in the universe is explainable in terms of simpler things than themselves. For example: atoms are made of electrons, protons, neutrons; molecules are made of atoms; cells are made of proteins, fats, etc. RNA Polymerase II is the protein machine that transcribes DNA into RNA, the first step in making proteins from the DNA. In 2001 A. L. Gnatt, P. Cramer and associates published the actual 3D physical structure of RNA Polymerase II so that it is possible to work out almost step by step how it works. I can almost hear it now moving along the DNA: ca-click, ca-clunk, ca-click, ca-clunk, ... The painting shows the 3D structure of RNA Polymerase II, some DNA going into it, and a few representative life forms perhaps explainable in terms of atoms, DNA, proteins, etc.



On display at Raices Taller Gallery Sep 2002.

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