PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 141.5.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 20.3R.
Disgust and anger.
Environmentalism has changed the world.
Similar cultural changes can eliminate war.
Wars are a system problem.
Prevention is better than cure.
A practical, realistic program.
A simple evolutionary idea.
Comprehensive research.
Forget the battles.
World wide anti-war movement.
Ideas, culture, memes, behavior.
Memes. (pronounced MEEMS.)
Meme dynamics.
Memes can be true, false, good, bad, and everything in between.
Evaluate our memes.
We will identify and examine war memes.
Clean our mental environments like we clean our physical environment.
Not only memetics.
Meme fights not effective.
A higher strategy.
Disinfect and inoculate culture.
Anti-virus memes.
Clear and simple program.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 19.1 M.
A change of administration.
List the costs of war.
List the benefits of war.
Intangible benefits.
Example of a future undiscounted hypothetical.
Wars create nothing.
100 million people killed.
Final nails in the coffins of wars.
Does anyone benefit from wars?
European free lunch from United States taxpayers.
Everyone richer without war.
Countries almost always have net losses.
Wars are a potential danger to everyone.
Our interconnectedness.
Old and new.
War is bad, ugly, unjust, and based on lies.
Why every leader should always work to avoid war.
Why almost every person on the planet should work to eliminate war.
Those who think they might benefit from a war can never be sure.
War will be no more.
How and why do wars get started?
Fertile narratives.
Causes of War.
Evaluating priceless intangible memes.
Memes rule!
Memes don't do arithmetic.
Steely cold rationality versus one picture of a dead baby?
Images and words.
We get it wrong.
Rationally remove irrational memes that lead to war.
Mental artifacts, computers, might evaluate proposed wars.
In great gory detail.
Are wars totally unpredictable?
Meme wars cause human wars.
Leaders use fear.
Clear and simple.
The last war.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 103.3.
Controlled evolution.
Cultural reversals.
Slavery was fundamental.
Anti-slavery activism.
Altruistic memes.
Anti-slavery meme population explosion.
Women were property.
Women's struggle for freedom.
Feminine subjugation memes.
Consciousness raising: a meme explosion.
Legislation is not enough: memes must be changed in people's minds.
Anti-war consciousness raising.
Other cultural revolutions.
Communism vanished in an historical instant.
Current cultural revolutions or evolutions.
Environmental movement changed the world.
This program goes to the source of the problem of war.
Conscious spreading of these ideas.
Program evolution.
Conscious plan.
Cultural engineering.
Cultural drift.
Memes or behavior?
The environmental movement could focus on tangible things.
Memes lead, behavior follows.
Political leaders irrelevant.
Some wars may be prevented soon.
A war that doesn't happen is invisible.
Does it seem too easy?
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 124.2.
Cultural reversals.
Learn from other movements.
Our shining example.
The environmental movement is a cultural revolution.
The environmental movement is community.
Not just science but the humanities too.
Individual actions.
Individuals clean up local war memes.
No laws needed.
No need to oppose economic interests.
Environmental organizations.
Anti-war organizations.
Future anti-war organizations.
Alliance with the environmental movement.
Many synergistic movements, all necessary.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 9.1R1.
A futile attempt to keep memes out.
A powerful idea.
A meme is an idea.
Memes travel and change.
A sea of memes.
Memes travel together.
We can group memes to suit our purposes.
Memes, instincts and emotions.
Meme mobility.
Step 1: How to leave a mind.
Meme replication.
Token memes.
Step 2: Travel outside of minds.
Step 3: Getting into another mind.
Memes can slip in unnoticed.
Trojan horse memes.
Fear, anger, and excitement can help memes slip in.
Fear sells war.
Education plants memes in minds.
Ideal meme bundle.
Good for people or good for memes?
Meme's point of view.
Memes and names.
Memes in other contexts.
Corporate spirits are memes.
Myths are meme complexes.
Memories are memes.
Memes embodied.
Memes can be implanted by force.
Post traumatic stress.
Decreased brain functioning.
Milder methods also work.
Counter moderate force meme pushing.
Fear, anger, crazy, stupid, and contradictory memes.
Your meme filters.
How to change, replace or eliminate a meme in your mind.
Implantation of memes via education.
Plant new memes carefully.
Calm determination and powerful feelings.
Strong anti-war emotions.
A vast evolving system.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 4.3M.
The core of the program.
Our way of thinking.
Your choices.
Take your time.
Whatever works.
The idea that war is useful.
There will always be war. Human nature is unchangeable.

Fatalistic impotence.
Cultures guide instincts.
The memes took over.
Human nature is not fixed.
Standard inductive inference.
That sinking, sickening feeling: an excellent war meme.
Meditate on this meme.
Not like our view of animals.
The causes of war are known.
We have powers way beyond the animals.
Good versus evil.
It's simple.
It's crude.
Many dimensions.
It gives an immediate yes/no answer.
It needs a warning label.
Pressure for quick decisions.
The fear meme.
Not only the Trojan Horse of fear.
Fear says hurry up! Decide now!
Other feelings memes.
Make more soldiers.
Risk your life.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 112.5
Sugar coating death.
Praising someone who dies in a war just because he died in a war.
We must support our troops.
Slips right in.
Tricky, subtle, and effective.
Shine a light.
We must all rally together.
We are social creatures.
Regarding war it's extremely dangerous to just go with the flow.
We must follow the advice of our generals.
It's a cop out.
Winning/losing; analogizing war to sports.
Many die for the vanity of leaders.
Hitler laughed.
Control your memes.
Focus on memes clearly leading to war.
Prospect theory.
Nuclear deterrence.
Be a real man.
Arrogance is self limiting.
Arrogance positive feedback loop.
Arrogance is a war meme.
We forfeit life.
Easy to get there from here.
What other people want us to do, when we don't want to do it.
Duty makes us unhappy.
Not necessary.
Make the effort to find out what's good for us.
Anonymous controllers.
Programmed robots.
It's a war meme.
How to replace it.
Selfishness, selflessness, sacrifice.
To work for a good cause increases the self.
To work for a good cause increases the selves of others.
Self and community rise and fall together.
Why are these three memes dangerous war memes?
Is selflessness the opposite of selfishness?
The sacrifice meme, not good.
Us versus them.
One interdependent species.
We prefer our own ways.
Know anyone on the planet.
Heads and hearts.
Open your mind.
Escalation of hostile actions.
No significant differences.
Example effects of racism.
Where does racism come from?
How a strong rightness meme might lead one human group to abuse another.
Conditions of scarcity.
Direct and indirect paths to racism.
How do we get rid of the racism meme?
A sorry state.
Meme control is more effective.
Minimize coercion memes.
Obey authority.

Find someone to tell you what to do.
Learned ignorance.
If you are ignorant you can't choose a wise advisor.
Anti-human meme dynamic.
Self reinforcing meme.
Most pernicious ever.
Running stop signs and having wrecks.
Much, much work needs to be done.
A universal meme?
The trust me meme.
Never trust the trust me meme.
Don't give up on trust!
Devaluing life.
Demeaning memes.
Life after death.
Killer ideals.
Negative memes.
Love life.
Life affirming.
That something is worth dying for.
Die, sucker!
Don't die for a meme.
Other effects.
Memes override genes.
Turn the TV off.
We're special.
Sports fans.
Frequency dependent fitness.
Division of the space.
Beyond sports.
Trojan horse.
Small steps.
Research questions.
Everybody can't be special.
Many groups might come to have the we're special meme.
Memes and groups.
He's not just my son. He's my hero.
These nasty memes want to separate us from our children.
Everbody's smiling and happy.
The power of memes.
You did everything you were supposed to do.
Become him, become her.
Use your awesome human powers.
We do not live by reason and logic alone.
Plant deep, deep in your soul, the reality of war.
But we can't multiply grief.
Honor the fallen.
Make more soldiers.
Powerful war meme.
Memes can do many things at once.
Honor the good, shun the bad.
Entangled memes.
War memorials.
The first war memorial that was actually anti-war.
Nightmare war memorial.
Celebrate war memorials that don't exist.
Good taste.
Good taste is a conspiracy, a cover up.
Media shamelessly promote the good taste meme.
Compromise: the good taste meme is not all bad.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 1.1R.
Fallen hero.
Many un-heroic ways to die.
It short changes real heroes.
They are never going to get up again.
Using dead soldiers for war propaganda.
A mixed meme, mostly pro-war.
The spread me meme.
A different kind of meme.
Spreadness = goodness.
There is a memetic force to increase the strength of the spread me meme.
Strength of spread me corresponds to amount of coercion.
From very near zero, to life threatening force.
Spread me meme can lead to partitions.
Wars occur when the spread me meme crosses a certain red line.
Control spread me memes.
OK below the red line.
We had to destroy the village in order to save it.
Spread me makes pests.
When does the spread me meme get too strong?
The meme the biggest group is most likely right is sometimes useful.
What makes people so want to prove they are right?
Demonstrate devotion to the cause.
No beliefs without doubts.
Humans are somewhat rational.
Two ways to increase the spread me meme.
Violence works, but only up to some point.
Stamp collectors won't beat you up.
A leader unbalanced.
A leader with hypothetical vision.
Easy control of the spread me meme?
Memes are always social.
Why and how the spread me meme gets too strong, into violence.
Leaders have much more invested.
Leaders identify with their ideology.
Individual self preservation led to wars.
Self preservation is a meme.
If I am my memes, then self preservation applies to my memes.
Willing to kill for their ideology.
War is self defense.
Leaders only, the meme enforcers.
Only a few leaders may be the seeds which lead to war.
Mere existence is a threat.
Similar but different.
Self limiting memetic trap.
Again: Why and how the spread me meme goes wild enough to kill.
This explains many wars among ethnic groups, religions, communism, capitalism, and nations.
One and only true way meme.
Leaders' memes versus people's memes.
The program of this book does not need the above explanation of war.
Music can strengthen the spread me meme.
Visual art brings in memes by parallel processing.
Bread and circuses.
The myth.
Work, work, work, work.
Work ethic not all bad.
People need distractions.
If some is good, is more better?
Decreasing marginal utility.
What am I worth?
It's a put down.
So it is a war meme.
Memetic traps.
What is a memetic trap?
War trap.
Typical content of war traps.
Trap contents tighten the traps.
A war is a trap of dynamically interacting traps.
Help from outside.
Show them that war is not working and that there are alternatives.
How to pull people out of their traps in practice.
It's easy for outsiders to fall into a war trap.
To help stop the war it must be seen from ouside the traps.
It can be difficult to stop a war.
Once the war is stopped, what next?
Self Fulfilling Prophecies.

What is the conformity meme?
Necessary for living in groups.
Group becomes a herd.
When in doubt assume the worst.

Totally Crude.
State Rivalry.

Dysfunctional Crisis Learning.
Rational War Theories.
Respect researchers.
Better theories needed.
No single cause.
False confidence.
Almost a joke.
Unrealistic theories mean we need much more research.
Bereaucratic Politics.

The vicious memetic cycle of power and corruption.
It's a trick.
It's old.
It's a war meme.
To lose oneself in a cause greater than oneself.
It's a war meme if the cause is some war.
There are many more war memes.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 7.1 R.
War must have good reasons to exist.
The number of war memes grows in a positive feedback loop.
What stops war memes?
War is easy, peace is hard.
War memes have independent generators. Peace memes don't.
A cycle.
Rabbits and foxes.
Boom and bust for war memes.
Random war seed.
A serious danger for this program.
Meme population dynamics in other areas of culture.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 45.16.
Mass media can whip up a frenzy for war.
Meditate on this.
Every group thinks it's right and everybody else is biased.
Always bias.
Is anything wrong with bias?
Tendencies to spread war memes.
Bias inherent in the organizational structure.
Is there a correction?
Reporting only what people say is inherently deficient.
Too much deference.
Reporters and the fear meme.
Mass media can easily bypass meme filters.
Leaders stir up fears in the population.
Mass media are often mind pollution.
Our sources of information and the memes we absorb define our reality.
Media define reality.
Mass media in decline.
The mass media diminish people.
Mass media push the you're no good meme.
Media also push the you can do it meme.
Mass media never all one thing.
Mass media meme filters.
How the few control the many.
Organizational structural meme dynamics.
Controlling the population can be a war meme.
The internet.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 23M.
What are memes?
What is information?
Information must satisfy two conditions.
Digital computers use information.
Humans use information.
Lots of information.
A closer look at memes.
Let's not be too specific.
Can the same meme be in two different brains at the same time?
How can we communicate about cars if we each have different car memes?
Big memes enter brains gradually, over time.
When you hear or read a single word, only a tiny amount of information enters your brain.
Words containing little information connect to big memes with lots of information.
Memes and information are less familiar than cars and people.
Memes and emotions.
Stalin's law.
The universal reason effect.
So what to do?
The reasoning that we do, and can do, depends on the memes and feelings we have.
So there's work to do.
The connections among memes and emotions are damaged in some people.
Meme evolution, some details.
A person's basic set of memes.
Big memes are acquired gradually over time.
Any information.
Feelings and emotions are memes and are connected to other memes.
Unknown feeling and emotion processes.
The big four: Goodness, Beauty, Justice, and Truth.
Transcendent values use complex and strong connections to feelings.
Feelings help new memes fit.
Metaphors are real.
Reuse already existing structure.
How are memes stored in brains?
Meme filtering.
Meme filtering may require little or a lot of time.
Filtering a new hat meme.
Filtering a new math meme.
Depends on the person's reality.
Having a meme versus using a meme.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 10.1.
What's a meme organism?
Are meme organisms real?
Self preservation memes.
Classes of meme organisms.
Non human meme organisms.
All meme organisms operate according to the same principles.
Is a nation a person?
How much of a person is his country?
Meme filtering for meme organisms.
The evaluation of new memes by meme organisms.
Meme organism goals.
Some meme organisms can try to improve themselves.
Meme organisms protect and develop their memes.
The self development meme promotes cooperation between and among meme organisms.
The self development meme.
To lose oneself in a cause greater than oneself?
Is the meaning of life to love memes?
A cause greater than oneself.
Meme takeover?
Direct and control memes.
It's only scary if we let it be.
The greatest invention so far ever made by memes.
Alien memes.
Killer love memes.
Control your memes.
The love meme promotes meme evolution.
The love meme grows.
Love memes have partitioned humanity.
The Internet is a great love meme.
The love meme can be bad for people.
And the greatest of these is the love meme.
Two more memes that promote meme evolution.
Free speech.
Can anything stop the free speech meme?
The liberty meme promotes memetic evolution.
Limits to liberty.
Democracy and the force of memetic evolution.
A long way to go.
Are democracies efficient?
Empirical evidence that democracies are better.
Other memes that are good/bad for meme evolution.
Unverified or unverifiable memes.
Some memes inhibiting or promoting meme evolution.
Cooperation among meme organisms.
Conditions of scarcity can be replaced by conditions of plenty.
Conflict and competition are not the same.
Sports: competition is cooperation.
Cooperation is much more important than competition.
Modularity and evolution.
Meme evolution … the bigger picture.
You cannot understand one without understanding the other.
So how and why did groups of humans evolve mimetically?
The birth of the spread me meme.
OK, what's next?
Group meme evolution can deterioriate.
During scarcity negative memes can evolve that persist into good times.
In times of plenty, group meme evolution can accelerate.
Some conditions speed up memetic evolution, others may slow or reverse it.
Memes to regulate individual behavior for the survival of the group.
Intra group dynamics vs. inter group dynamics.
Why are there forces for meme evolution?
Future meme evolution requires a single community of people.
Individual and Community.
Memetic evolution in groups of humans.
No memes = vegetable.
Individuals matter to communities.
Communities need individuals.
It's one thing.
The unity of community is real.
A real meme organism.
Less mischief.
We will be proud to be human.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 113.2.
People will understand.
Settled science.
Meme brain coding.
Every educated person will understand that wars are never worth their costs.
Multiple techniques to avoid conflicts.
For every war a complete case history.
Artists of every kind.
This meme complex will spread.
This meme complex will spread because it is self spreading.
PORTRAIT: Rest In Peace 15.1R.
PORTRAIT: Rest In Peace 150.1.
PORTRAIT: Rest in Peace 11R.
PORTRAIT: Rest In Peace 67.
PORTRAIT: Rest In Peace 76.3.