NO MORE WAR MEMES is also available through as an e-book readable on the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPhone.

NO MORE WAR MEMES describes a practical, realistic, program, of cultural engineering, that, over time, will eliminate war from human society forever. War is always a net loss to humanity, even though corporations and individuals may profit from it. So, almost everyone, for their own self interest, should work to eliminate war. Wars are caused by war memes, ideas in people's minds that lead them to war, contrary to their own self interests. We go to war because we are misled by our emotions, feelings, and limited thinking, based on war memes, which saturate most of the world's cultures. Using the latest results from psychology, neuroscience, sociology, political science, and cognitive linguistics, this book will show you how to identify, analyze, modify, defang, or eliminate, your war memes. More than 50 war memes are discussed in detail to show you how to do this. When this process spreads to enough people, wars will no longer occur. The anti war movement can become a worldwide movement like the environmental movement, the anti slavery movement, and the women's liberation movements. We must do this if humanity is to survive and prosper. Let's do it!

The book includes 18 abstract portraits I made of people killed in recent wars. Some of these were exhibited in the last few years and have been denounced by proponents of the Iraq war. I researched and wrote this book in an attempt to understand how and why people become so fanatical in support of wars. The portraits are in shades of grey on the Kindle and the printed paper book, but in vivid color on the iPhone.

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